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The baddest bloody butler in town: Blue Blood (1973)

Oliver Reed is my hero. He was just such an awesome actor. The first time I remember seeing him was in Night Creatures and I thought he was just bad ass. He did all kinds of roles but nothing like 1973's Blue Blood. You might compare his performance to Tim Curry's in Rocky Horror. I can't describe why, (they couldn't be more different), but there is something in it that says "Frankfurter". 

Derek Jacobi is English lord Gregory who is married to Fiona Lewis and is banging equally hot Anna Gael on the side.He fancies himself an aristocratic Lord and does his damnedest to convince others of his absolute power. This usually works except on the Butler, Tom. Tom pretty much runs the show behind the lords back and seems to have his sights set on bigger and more sinister things.

Enter Beate, the new Nanny, who will care for Greggory's young son. She is foreign and somewhat poor so she is constantly under suspicion when things go array. The boy constantly is found to have bruises on his body and though the parents believe he is being mistreated, they truly have no idea what evil is in store for him or the rest of the aristocratic family at the hands of Tom the Butler.

This film isn't for everyone. It's plays like an episode of masterpiece theater as hosted by the Devil. It really doesn't contain enough sex, horror or weirdness to be entertaining for the most part but is made satisfying by Oliver Reed, who chews scenery and exudes power in every scene he is in. Fiona Lewis is at her icy best as the often absent lady of the estate who is indifferent towards her husband so long as the riches stay in her name. If you are an Oliver Reed fan it is worth seeing, otherwise, pair it with Black Candles for a Satanic double feature. This films modest tone will cut the extreme stimulation of Black Candles, much like a Jameson and Ginger Ale.

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